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Download Wheel Measurement Guide

Wheel Dimensions Measurement Guide

1 - PCD – Pitch Circle Diameter

Measure from the center of the stud holes on opposite sides.
Step 1

2 - Center Bore Measurement

Measure the inside diameter of the center bore.
Step 2

3 - Stud Hole Diameter

Measure the inside diameter of the stud hole.

Identify whether the stud hole is countersink or flat.

Step 3

4 - Offset Measurement

a) First, measure the height of the rim
Step 4a
b) Secondly, place the wheel on the floor with the front side facing down. Measure the inner height starting from the surface of the disc and ending on the rim's top parallel.

We can determine the correct wheel suitable for your request if you can provide us with these dimensions.

Step 4b

Reference Diagram

Reference Diagram for How to Measure a Wheel