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Maxion Wheels has been supplying OEMs with the highest quality wheels and most innovative technologies for over 100 years.


Maxion Jantas customer service representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EET Monday - Friday to assist you with specific questions; however, answers to many commonly asked questions are listed below for your convenience.

Q: Who is Maxion Wheels?
A: Maxion Wheels is the largest manufacturer of wheels in the world, providing wheels for the heavy-, medium- and light-duty truck, trailer and automotive markets.
Q: Who is Maxion Jantas?
A: In Turkey, the company produces wheels with its partner, Inci Holding, through the joint venture, Maxion Jantas.
Q: What customers do you supply to today?
A: Maxion Jantas provides steel wheels to the majority of current truck and trailer original equipment manufacturers, as well as the aftermarket and retail distribution channels.
Q: Where are you located?
A: Maxion Wheels has 22 locations in 15 countries, with European and Asia Pacific commercial vehicle wheel manufacturing in Germany, Turkey, India, and China.
Q: What types of wheels do you manufacture?
A: Maxion Wheels produces steel wheels for heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks, trailers and military markets. With lightweight steel wheels, tube type and tubeless heavy-duty wheels, military wheels and demountable rims, Maxion Wheels has a product for almost any application.
Q: Who do I contact for technical questions about my vehicle application?
A: Maxion Jantas customer service can direct any requests for information to the best resource available to provide detailed and accurate product information. They can be reached at +90 236 2262000
Q: In what ways are Maxion Wheels better than the competition?
A: Maxion Wheels utilizes advanced testing specifications not employed by other wheel manufacturers. We also provide premium coatings as standard on our wheels to improve both the appearance and the durability of our wheels.
Q: What is the warranty period for your wheels?
A: Maxion Jantas offers a two-year limited warranty on our wheels. This ensures that we will correct any manufacturing defect, related to the wheel construction, that we caused.
Q: What does Maxion Wheels do to bring new innovations to the market?
A: Maxion Wheels continuously strives to improve the design, quality, durability and appearance of our wheels. Our pursuit of continuous improvement leads us to more stringent testing procedures, more diverse coating options, improved after-sale and service capabilities, and a greater web presence to provide better and faster information to our customer base.